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    To Whom The Unit Is Attached
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ART HOSPITAL: "Tilting Funk. A muffled snicker. Gentle laughter. Beguiling gossamer phantoms intertwined in high tech spill overs. Depth and humor up the same sleeve."
Michael Chocolak, Green River Magazine 1988

"Nicholas Stirling and Gerard Leckey (Strange Nursery) may just be the music world's answer to Penn and Teller." Option Magazine, March 1990

"A recommended elixer, with an enchanting flavour."
Hour Magazine, February 1998

"Les arrangements musical de Gerard Leckey sauvé la piece de ennui."
"The musical arrangements of Gerard Leckey saved the piece from boredom."
Voir Magazine, Janvier 1998

PICT: "The ephemeral nature of the art they create is in part due to the variety of space that they use, and indeed, space is an integral part of a PICT performance."
McGill Daily, October 1993

HUNGRY GLASS (LP): "There is much pleasant weirdness to this album. Quaint and absurd, and those are good things to be."
Nerve Magazine, April 1987

AN INTRODUCTION IN FROST: "The musicians create lush electronic jungles and energetic rhythms- not at all the dark moody, skull pounding we have come to expect from the industrial ambient crowd. NOW Magazine 1987

MATTHEWS/LECKEY: "Martine Matthews and Gerard Leckey succeed at creating a new atmosphere. In terms of sound quality, Leckey sets the standards to which all must meet."
Mike Dyer, Nerve Magazine, 1987

UNTITLED: "I love his sound. It is very inventive and strange."
Alain Neffe, Insane Music, Belgium 1986

UNTITLED: "A brilliant Canadian architect. *****."
FM Magazine, Italia 1986

"Gerard follows his own emotional resources and intuitions and has produced music similar to but apart from any kind of musical evolution."
Chris Twomey, Nerve Magazine, September 1985

"There's a positive element to his music and an ability to convey everyday life in the city in a different way."
Victor Barac, Toronto Clarion, 1984

"So bad it has to be real. So awful it must be good."
Toronto Live 1984